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Chatham County Police participate in diversity and inclusion training
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Chatham County Police Department Officers will continue a diversity and inclusion training course on Friday, May 31 "by bringing members of the community together to discuss how officers and citizens can work to avoid any issues that could arise from cultural differences," a spokesperson says.

The officers are participating in the “Enhancing Cultural Responsiveness” course developed by the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services. The course involves a number of exercises designed to enhance the skills of officers when they are called on by citizens who may be in disenfranchised or hard-to-reach communities.

"As part of the training, officers were asked to each invite a member of the community that they interact with who may have concerns about being marginalized or misunderstood in some situations," the department says.

"Officers and community members will meet Friday morning at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum for a 'Pro-Action Café,' where they will participate in discussions designed to help bridge any gaps in cultural understanding.

Community leaders scheduled to participate include:

Richard Shinholster, NAACP

Alfonzo Ribot, Metro Savannah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Candace Harnett, LGBTQ Community Activist

Emily Bressler, Grace House