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City Manager Rob Hernandez set to resign
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Multiple sources tonight confirm that Savannah City Manager Rob Hernandez has submitted his resignation, with indications that he will take a job in South Florida, site of his last job before coming to Savannah.

An official statement is expected later this week, City officials say.

Hernandez's two and a half year tenure here, while notable for a long overdue professional reorganization of City bureaucracy and budgeting, was also marked by controversy from the beginning.

An initial budget meeting went awry when Hernandez suggested cutting all City funds to the arts, culture, and some popular social programs.

He didn't prevail in that effort, nor in the year-long, futile campaign to institute a "Fire Fee" on all properties in the City, in an attempt to safeguard funding for Savannah Fire & Emergency Services.

An unusual alliance of churches, nonprofits, homeowners and businesses combined to make the Fire Fee so politically untenable that Mayor DeLoach was forced to backtrack on it completely.

The news doesn't come as that much of a surprise to many observers, since news leaked last year that Hernandez was a finalist in at least one other job search elsewhere.

Hernandez specifically cited the controversial reaction to his Fire Fee as one reason he sought employment elsewhere at the time.