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City Manager Stephanie Cutter to retire, issues statement
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In a move rumored for most of this week, City Manager Stephanie Cutter made the following statement at the end of today’s City Council Meeting:

"Earlier today I notified you of my plans to retire, and have agreed to remain as City Manager as you conduct a nationwide search for a new City Manager. I will remain in the Office of City Manager until the new Manager’s term begins," Cutter said.

"I have also agreed to remain as an adviser to the new City Manager for one year. I trust that you will remain diligent in your commitment to provide me your full support in my role as City Manager pursuant to the City Charter, and make the same commitment to the new City Manager," she said.

"It is love for the people of Savannah and love for this great City that should motivate us to work cooperatively together to preserve the quality of life for ALL citizens of Savannah."

New Mayor Eddie DeLoach and each member of City Council took turns making statements of appreciation and thanks directly to Ms. Cutter for her service.