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City says its share of cost of Pence visit is under $5000
The bunting on City Hall
"City of Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach hosted Vice President Mike Pence at City Hall for Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The City spent approximately $4,512.85 to prepare for the Vice President’s visit," a City spokesperson says this afternoon.

The breakdown is:

· $1,000 for a structural assessment of the second floor balcony at City Hall

· $2,900 purchase and installation of new red carpeting for the Mayor’s conference room and balcony.

· $362.85 for green and white exterior bunting

· Approximately $150 for miscellaneous carpentry supplies

· Approximately $100 for two flower pots and flowers to hold the front doors open at City Hall.

"The City plans to keep the red carpeting on the balcony and in the Mayor’s conference room and reuse the green bunting to decorate City Hall during future St. Patrick’s Day celebrations," says the spokesperson.

"The City did not pay for any additional police officers or security enhancements during the VP’s visit. Secret Service staffing and other resources utilized by the Secret Service were paid for by the federal government," the City says.