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Council approves City Market footbridge, Savannah Bananas liquor license
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At today's meeting, Savannah City Council voted to approve a liquor license for The Savannah Bananas to provide alcoholic beverage concessions at Grayson Stadium. Their season begins next month. 

Savannah Bananas co-owner Jesse Cole, in response to a joking question asked at the meeting, confirmed that four University of Georgia athletes would be on the Bananas roster this season.

City Council voted to approve a right of way encroachment for City Market to build a pedestrian footbridge over The Bar Bar basement entrance in City Market. The stated reason is to provide easier access for businesses.

City Market Partners will use private funds to pay for the construction, and they will be responsible for maintenance and will have all liability. There was no debate or discussion by Council. 

In the wake of an increasing spike in homicides, Aldermen John Hall and Tony Thomas both urged the City to renew its focus on holding landlords accountable for "criminals" they rent to.

Alderman Hall specifically mentioned the recent murder in Edgemere-Sackville, and urged the media to help "shame slumlords into doing the right thing."

Alderman Thomas suggested to Mayor DeLoach that it was time to reinforce commitment to the Landlord Responsibility Ordinance.