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Crew member killed on 'Midnight Rider' film shoot
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Variety is reporting that a female member of the "Midnight Rider" movie crew was killed Thursday afternoon in Wayne County. Three people were on the train trestle, over the Altamaha River, when they were struck by a freight train.

John Carter of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Departmen said that one injured woman was airlifted to Savannah’s Memorial Health University Medical Center. Two people were taken by ambulance to a local hospital, Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup.

UPDATE (from Variety, 12:42 a.m.): The crew, including director Randall Miller, had placed a bed on the tracks for a dream sequence and was expecting two trains on the local bridge, one in each direction, when a third train arrived unexpectedly.

A whistle warned the crew members of the next train, giving them less than a minute, which was too late.

Miller and the still photographer rushed to get the bed off the tracks while the rest of the crew tried to get off the bridge on a plank walk-way. They were still trying to get off the bridge when the train arrived.The second camera assistant was then struck and killed by the train.

Miller had fallen onto the tracks before the train arrived but the still photographer pulled him off, according to the witness, saving his life. The bed was then hit by the train and exploded. That debris hit and injured several people, including one seriously, who was airlifted to Savannah’s Memorial Health University Medical Center.

A costume designer also suffered injuries during the accident and was admitted to the hospital while at least two other people from the crew, none seriously injured, were awaiting treatment in the emergency room at Wayne Memorial Hospital in Jesup, Ga.

More on this as information comes in.