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Developer withdraws controversial apartment building bid prior to re-vote
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The scheduled re-vote on a controversial apartment building project near Forsyth Park will not take place at today's City Council meeting.

Delray Ventures, the developer behind the project, informed City Council that it wished that the two agenda items involving the project be removed from the City Council agenda.

"We have listened carefully to all comments and recognize that our petitions are not supported by a majority of City Council," a letter from Delray to the Mayor and Aldermen reads.

"We do not want a vote by City Council to curtail future zoning or development efforts for the current owner," the letter goes on to read.

Andree Patterson, the president of the Victorian Neighborhood Association who led the fight against the project by Delray Ventures, says she was contacted by the developer's attorney and told the bid was off.

Patterson said in a Wednesday night Facebook post that the attorney, Harold Yellin, "contacted me twice today to inform us that Delray has withdrawn its request for rezoning and for permitting of their construction project. At 7:30 tonight, he informed me that he was going to hand-deliver Delray's letter to the courthouse tomorrow morning, so as to remove those agenda items from tomorrow's meeting."

The re-vote effort was spearheaded by Alderman Tony Thomas, who was part of the five-vote majority initially approving the rezoning classification at the prior City Council meeting.

"After careful reflection on the proceedings and additional information that I have learned regarding the development during the hearing and since, I will be calling for a Vote of Reconsideration at the next city council meeting," Thomas said soon afterward.