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Entertainment announced for Savannah's Fashion Night
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Here's the lineup, peeps. See you up and down Broughton Street Thursday night from 6:30-11 p.m.

Montgomery Stage
6:30 DJ Will Rock
7:30 Fashion Show
fab'rik, Trunk 13, Goodwill, Copper Penny, J. Paige, Go Fish, Lucy Lu's
8:00 Flau'ge
8:30 DJ Will Rock
9:30 Finale Show w/ Saskatchwan

Drayton Stage
6:30 DJ Boo Doo
7:00 Make Westing
7:30 DJ Boo Doo
8:30 Fashion Show
Bleu Belle, J. Parker, Red Clover, Sara Jane Children's, Half Moon Outfitters, Kathi Rich, Veronica's Closet
9:00 DJ Boo Doo
10:00 Finale Show w/ Cousin Dan