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Fire Marshal warns of scam
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The Savannah Fire Marshal's office warns of a scam involving a caller demanding payment from business owners for work that supposedly performed at the business under the direction of the local fire marshal.

The phone calls originate from a telephone number that is located in or assigned from Virginia. The callers are "very insistent and threaten immediate legal action if business owners don’t acquiesce and meet their demands," a spokesman for the Savannah Fire Marshal says.

“The fire marshal’s office does not direct or manage the work of private contractors, neither does the fire marshal’s office authorize outside agencies to collect payment for work performed by or for private businesses,” Savannah Fire Marshal Craig Landolt says. “Business owners should notify my office and also file a police report if they believe they have been contacted in this manner or have fallen victim to the scam.”

Any Savannah business owners who have been targeted by this scam are encouraged to contact Marshal Landolt at (912) 644-5960.