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Forum on dolphin-killing airguns set for Sept. 26
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The advocacy group Oceana is hosting a public forum about the threats of seismic airgun testing off the East Coast in Savannah on September 26, 6-8 p.m. at the new SSU Student Union (next to Tiger Arena), Building 200, Event Room C, 3219 College St. The event is free and open to the public.

Seismic airguns, which shoot very loud blasts of sound that are each 100,000 times more intense than a jet engine, are being considered to look for oil and gas deposits deep below the ocean floor in an area twice the size of California, stretching all the way from Delaware to Florida.

See a video here.

"The government’s own estimates show that the seismic airgun activities planned for the Atlantic Ocean will injure and possibly kill 138,500 dolphins and whales, including nine critically endangered North Atlantic right whales, of which there are only approximately 500 left in the world," says a spokesperson for Oceana.

In April, Oceana released a new report outlining the threats of seismic airgun use to marine life and coastal economies along the East Coast, including the potential danger to commercial and recreational fisheries, as well as tourism and coastal recreation, putting more than 730,000 jobs at risk in the blast zone alone.

Speakers are Matt Huelsenbeck, a Marine Scientist with Oceana, and Dr. Sue Eubanks, Professor at Savannah State University. The event is moderated by Mike Vaquer of the Vaquer Firm.