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Fred & Dinah Gretsch receive GA Governor's Award
Earlier this week, Fred and Dinah Gretsch, president and CFO of the Savannah-based Gretsch Company, were honored as recipients of the third annual Governor’s Awards for the Arts and Humanities.

Presented by the Office Of The Governor in partnership with the Georgia Council for the Arts and the Georgia Humanities Council, the award recognized the Gretsches "for their significant contributions to Georgia’s civic and cultural vitality through service to the humanities or excellence in the arts."

Georgia governor Nathan Deal said, “Georgia’s arts and humanities sectors propel our state forward by improving quality of life for the citizens and businesses of our state. The individuals and organizations honored here today are committed to growing and sustaining Georgia’s vibrant culture and history, and I am grateful for their significant contributions to our state.”

Dinah Gretsch says, “We are very humbled, and grateful that we are able to do this for the music industry.” Fred Gretsch adds, “It was a special pleasure to  meet with first lady Sandra Deal. She has visited schools in every county in Georgia promoting education—and Georgia has the most counties of any state in the union. In keeping with our personal goal of ‘enriching lives through participation in music,’ we'd love to see Georgia step forward as the most musical state in the USA!”

Following the ceremony, a reception for award recipients and their guests was  held in the Capital rotunda. Entertainment was provided by Gretsch guitar artist Walt Richards.