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Hang Fire gets last-minute lease extension
Heather Flagle with Wes Daniel - photo by Geoff L. Johnson
Everyone had a great time at this past Saturday's "Hang Fire's Last Hurrah" party. But it turns out not to be the swan song after all for the legendary downtown bar/music venue.

Connect has received official word from Hang Fire's Heather Flagle about the last-minute change of fortune over the weekend, "really, really close to the wire," she says.

"By some divine miracle," she says, "we have been able to work out an extension on our lease at our current location, 37 Whitaker St., until the end of 2015. That means 4 more months of parties and music and fellowship inside these four walls."

"Although I was pretty certain that everything was going to work out a few days before (Saturday's concerts), I didn't want to jump the gun and announce it before everything was signed by all parties," says Flagle.

Flagle says, "We will be working hard during this four months, to get our new location ready for business. With hope for little to no lapse in between the two. We have something in the works, but it's too soon to speak on any details other than we are planning on staying in our current neighborhood."

Hang Fire will be closed for a few days and reopen on Friday the 4th. "I'm not sure what we will have this weekend, but I'm trying to work it out now. As well as putting together a nice calendar for the fall," Flagle says.

"This whole thing really came to reality in some crazy mysterious, very last minute way. If you would have asked me 1 month ago if I thought this was anywhere in the realm of possibility I would have without any doubt said,'No way!' I think it did have something to do with the public voice. All of the heart felt expression that has taken place around here must have stirred something up. For me, feeling the genuine love and support coming from our friends and regulars was a huge motivation. I'm proud to say, on behalf of the whole Hangfire family, we are keepin this dream alive," she says.

"As far as what comes next. . Stay tuned. And thanks to all who came out on Saturday, it was by far the most epic night we have ever seen."