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Heap named to reform group
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Chatham County District Attorney Meg Heap has been appointed to serve on the Georgia ‘House Bill 1’ Working Group by Georgia Speaker of the House David Ralston. Heap will serve alongside representatives from the
Georgia judicial and law enforcement community, as well as members of the Georgia House of Representatives, in reviewing a bill that would reform asset forfeiture law in Georgia. The group will make their recommendations the House Judiciary Committee by January 13, 2014.

In Georgia, "the greater number of asset forfeitures are the result of law enforcement confiscations from drug-related activities. However, there can be confiscations from the proceeds of any illegal activity or crime," says a spokesman.

Civil asset forfeiture has become an important tool in funding law enforcement agencies, as well as special programs that are aimed at increasing crime fighting ability and effectiveness. "Although there are definitive and measurable positive reasons championing asset forfeiture, it must be made legally certain that any confiscating of assets is not in violation of the civil rights of the citizens of Georgia," says the spokesman.