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Islands Precinct debuts new safety initiative
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Starting today, citizens residing within the boundaries of Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department’s Islands Precinct will be the first beneficiaries of the Metro’s “Target Hardening” campaign to combat property theft.

"Islands Precinct patrol officers are advising citizens of ways to secure unattended property left in plain sight by distributing 'Target Hardening' forms," says Eunicia Baker, public relations coordinator at the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department.

"The forms are divided into two categories: easy target and harder target. Practices causing citizen’s property to be easily targeted by thieves are identified on the forms, along with tips for reducing the odds of victimization."

The forms are then left in inconspicuous locations for the property owner’s review. Likewise, forms will be left to commend citizens taking necessary steps to make their property harder targets for thieves.

Records of all “Target Hardening” form distributions will be maintained for officers to analyze property security trends. Police resources will be allocated accordingly.

Metro’s Forensics and Islands Precinct Crime Prevention units partnered in developing this initiative.

“The forms will be distributed when deemed appropriate by officers patrolling from their vehicles and on foot,” said APO Hillary Nielsen, Islands Precinct Crime Prevention Officer. “This will help us identify property security needs and educate citizens on ways to pose a greater challenge to thieves.”

From Nov. 17, 2014 through the same date in 2015, SCMPD experienced nearly a 9% increase in property crime reports. The goal is to launch the “Target Hardening” initiative in all SCMPD precincts in 2016 to promote a reduction in property crime throughout the jurisdiction.