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It's Official: Gov. signs bill allowing bars to open this Sunday
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Gov. Nathan Deal this afternoon signed a bill that allows Savannah’s bars to open this Sunday during the St. Patrick’s Day Festival.

"SB 103 authorizes the governing authority of any city or county in Georgia to allow bars to sell alcohol on one Sunday during each calendar year," says a City spokesperson.

"City Council had previously authorized the City Manager to take action to allow bars to open this Sunday, pending State approval. Gov. Deal called Mayor Edna Jackson personally late this afternoon to inform her that he was signing this bill."

“The Governor wished Savannah a happy St. Patrick’s Day weekend,” Mayor Jackson said. “I want to thank him and the Chatham County Legislative Delegation for allowing bars to profit from this Sunday’s Festival just as restaurants, liquor stores and civic groups will profit.

“Now everyone go have a joyous and safe St. Patrick’s Day.”