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Leashed dog owner sought
Jacob convalescing
Animal Control officers from the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department "are trying to locate the owner of a dog that was found tied with a leash in a wooded area over the weekend," a police spokesperson says. 

Besides being dehydrated and emaciated, the male Staffordshire Terrier mix "is suffering from neoplasia and lymphoma, possible chronic heart failure, a hip ailme nt and intestinal parasites. A photograph of him leashed to a pine tree in a wooded area has been making the rounds on Facebook," police say. 

But the 6- to 10-year-old dog named Jacob by the Animal Control Center staff is “super friendly” to strangers and has a microchip, indicating that someone cared for him at one time.

"Unfortunately, the microchip was never registered so officers are finding difficulty in determining the previous owner," police say. 

Jacob is being treated by staff veterinarians during the required five-day waiting period until he can be adopted or his fate determined. Staff members are hoping someone recognizes the dog and can help reunite him with his owners. Animal Control officers also would like to talk to the person who leashed him to the tree
Anyone with information on the dog, its owner or the person who abandoned him is asked to call Animal Control at (912) 525-2408