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Mayor Johnson warns of 'dramatically more restrictive actions' if social distancing not taken more seriously by citizens
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At a press conference this Tuesday morning, Savannah Mayor Van Johnson excoriated citizens who aren't observing social distancing "like it's a weird game of hide and seek."

Saying that while driving around, "Over the weekend I rode by various parks and I witnessed large gatherings of people playing team sports.... acting like it's Picnic in the Park. This is not acceptable."

Mayor Johnson said if the behavior continues, he will have no choice but to close all parks and institute a form of curfew. (Despite rumors to the contrary, no curfew is currently in effect.)

"If some of these cavalier attitudes and actions do not change and things do not improve quickly, please be assured dramatically more restrictive actions will be ordered," the Mayor warned.

"Savannah could be shut down in a way never before seen in our history. Please, please, please, help us to help you."

Johnson urged that the essential businesses who are still allowed to stay open to do a better job protecting employees from risk of infection.

He reiterated a previous observation that "Walmart has become the new club," referring to too much socializing by customers at places of business.

The Mayor said that Savannah's current 19 COVID-19 cases and two deaths as of this morning are "really a snapshot two weeks ago. We are living life two weeks behind the curve. What happens today we won't see for another two weeks," directly referencing "that foolishness in Forsyth Park" as a potential vector for future infections.

Johnson said that walking and exercising are fine, but "what we saw in Forsyth Park over the weekend was a party... my feeling is that people have been lulled into a false sense of security."