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Neighborhood Ass'ns take action against crime
Betty Jones, Feiler Park Neighborhood Association President, reads from her text at Thursday afternoon rally
Members of two west Savannah neighborhood associations rallied against crime in a median on West 57th Street.

Betty Jones, president of the Feiler Park Neighborhood Association, Inc., organized the rally with the support of the Tatemville Neighborhood Improvement Association. She was joined by Mable Hudson, president of the Tatemville group, and others from both neighborhoods as well as City Alderwoman Estella Shabazz in the park area behind the Madison Apartments.

"The apartment complex has been the scene of multiple incidents lately and Feiler Park residents are concerned that portions of a brick block fence the city has erected around the apartments have been dismantled by residents," police says. "They see the damage as an indication of the criminal element in the area."

"I was raised in this neighborhood and we had people looking out for each other," Jones said. "We are going to return to that kind of neighborhood." Doing so, she said, will take the efforts of all members of the community.

From her prepared text, she read:

"Thirty-seven part one crimes in a 90-day period is just not acceptable in the Feiler Park Neighborhood. The Feiler Park Neighborhood Association Inc. called this press conference to let it be known that we stand against the shooting, vandalism, thefts and all illegal activity in our neighborhood. We want a neighborhood that is safe for all residents. We want a neighborhood that is clean and beautiful. We want a neighborhood that is working toward a higher quality residential experience for all residents. We do not want and will not stand for crime as usual in this neighborhood. We plan to take a bit out of crime! We have planned several neighborhood watch trainings. The first is Saturday, Aug. 23, from 9-11 a.m."