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New archaeological find on River Street
An "archaeological mystery" was recently unearthed behind Savannah’s City Hall, a City spokesperson says.

"Contractors working for Georgia Power on the new ferry shelter landing on Rousakis Plaza found an intact jug buried six feet down in their construction site. The jug was ha nded over to the City’s Research Library & Municipal Archives department, which will be working with local experts to determine when the jug was made and what purpose it might have served," the City say.

Based on the location, "City staff thinks the jug might date back to when the port of Savannah was located along River Street, and it could’ve been an item that was imported or exported through the port," the spokesperson says.

"Inside the jug is a dark, oily substance that smells fishy, so perhaps it stored fish oil. The jug appears to feature a salt glaze and exhibits throw marks around the neck and base. There are no visible potter’s marks."