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New Flannery O'Connor stamp design unveiled
The 30th stamp in the Literary Arts series honors Flannery O’Connor (1925–1964), the Savannah-born, Milledgeville-educated author whose name is virtually synonymous with the phrase "Southern Gothic" and whose novels and short stories, combining religious motifs and darkly humorous observations of the frailties of human nature, continue to inspire writers around the world.

"The color portrait on this stamp, a watercolor painting completed digitally, is based on a black-and-white photograph taken when O’Connor was a student at the Georgia State College for Women from 1942 to 1945," says U.S. Postal Service spokesperson.

"Surrounding O’Connor are peacock feathers, a symbol often associated with the author," says the Postal Service of this "Forever Stamp" for items requiring additional postage  (The words “THREE OUNCE” on this stamp indicate its usage value.)