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Plant Riverside District announces July 15 opening
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Kessler's latest project, the Plant Riverside District, announced today an opening date of July 15. The Pavilions open July 15, and the rest of the district opens July 29.

The $350+ million redevelopment of the former Georgia Power Plant is being touted as "Savannah, Ga.'s reunion with its beloved river" and is the largest redevelopment in the history of Savannah's National Historic Landmarks.

"Prominent hotelier, art collector and Savannah local, Richard Kessler, is bringing Savannah’s official Entertainment District to life by infusing crowd-sourced ideas and unique experiences the Hostess City was missing, from a kid-friendly natural science exhibit to a dedicated MLK Jr. park blessed by the King family, and a Live Nation concert venue. The over-the-top development will not only dramatically change the skyline of Savannah, but Kessler’s vision is the destination’s transformation into a haven for art enthusiasts, tastemakers and refined travelers for generations to come," says a spokesperson for the project.

Notably, the district's signature art piece is a 135-foot skeleton of the Amphicoelias Fragillimus dinosaur that will roar. The inclusion of the skeleton, along with an exhibit of prehistoric fossils and amethyst crystals, "represents the juxtaposition of blending history with modern times and mesmerizing natural energy sources with the hotel owner’s bohemian lifestyle, all centered around a story that has yet to be told until now."

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