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Police body cams expanding to Downtown Precinct
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The roll out of body cameras throughout the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department entered its second phase Friday when training classes were scheduled in the Downtown Precinct.

"More than 60 of the high-tech devices were to be distributed to officers below the rank of sergeant and six Canine Unit officers," police say. "Before they can take them to the streets, officers must complete a four-hour course on their use."

“This is a continuance of the department’s commitment to have body cameras functioning throughout SCMPD by SPRING,” said Metro Training Director Gary Taylor. “The police department and the City of Savannah Information Technology department have been working together on this goal and the progress has been better than we expected. By pacing ourselves through distribution by precincts, we are learning as we proceed and we are available any time a question arises.”

Police say officers wearing the body cameras have reported a positive reaction from the public.Two cameras had been purchased by neighborhood associations in anticipation of the project.

Videos from the cameras "are uploaded to the independent site Evidence.Com and cannot be edited by the officer or anyone in the department," police say.