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Savannah African Art Museum call for submissions
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The Savannah African Art Museum is calling for submissions for their virtual art exhibit, “…And The Children Speak,” which aims to provide a platform where children’s voices about the pandemic and current events can be expressed through their art.

Beginning in March, the lives of children changed in a myriad of ways. From the absence of routines – attending school, engaging in outdoor activities, the arts, playing with friends, visiting loved ones, graduations and proms – to the explosion of disturbing video images that crossed their TV screens, depicting world-wide peaceful and violent protests, displays of solidarity and antagonism, opposing views of history and race matters being passionately discussed. The past several months have indeed impacted the nation’s youth.

“We at SAAM believe that art is a voice, a recording of history, and the retelling of a story or experience. It’s a scream, it’s a whisper — both entitled to be heard. It’s an invitation for conversation,” SAAM Education Coordinator Lisa Jackson said.

“We are extending an invitation to children through the age of 18 to send us a copy of their art giving voice, telling their story, recording their experience of the past few months for our virtual exhibit entitled, ‘…And the Children Speak.’

Participants may submit art in the form of a sketch, painting, collage, quilt, sculpture, a performance (e.g., dance, singing, spoken word), or written word (e.g., poem, short story). Submissions also can be a collaborative effort with friends, family, classmates, or other groups.

All submissions should be submitted to with the subject line “And the Children Speak Submission” no later than Sept. 30 following the guidelines below.

• All submissions must include the title of the art (if named), artist’s name, age and city/state/country; and the name of the group, school, club or organization that collaborated on the submission (if applicable). Entries should adhere to the following formats:

• Images must be submitted in a digital format as a jpeg, png, or pdf in high resolution

• Written word submissions must be photographed and then transcribed in a digital format (jpeg, png, or pdf) when submitted.

• Video submissions must be submitted in MP4 format with a maximum length of 2 minutes

For additional information or inquiries, please email Jackson at or call 912-721-7735.
To learn more about the museum, visit

For information about upcoming events and the museum’s collection, follow SAAM on Facebook @SavannahAfricanArtMuseum.