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Savannah Ballet Theatre awarded $8,000 grant
Georgia Council for the Arts recently awarded an $8,000 grant to local nonprofit organization Savannah Ballet Theatre.

This grant will help SBT meet essential needs such as lighting, costumes, and venue expenses to ensure its ballet productions continue to remain accessible and affordable for the community.

For 21 years, SBT has further subsidized shows for area youth, and this contribution will allow the professional dance company to maintain their offering to students of a highly discounted ticket price of only $5 compared to the standard ticket cost of $30. Each year, grants and corporate underwriting have enabled SBT to present a subsidized matinée of two season productions to 1,000 students, their teachers, and 50 seniors from local assisted living communities as part of SBT’s Educational Performance Outreach Series (EPOS).
“If the nonprofit’s income consisted of only ticket sales with no aid from grants such as this one, tickets would be very costly to offset expenses - discouraging many people from attending shows.” said SBT Managing and Education Director Abby McCuen.

SBT also plans to have low sensory performances as part of its EPOS program in 2020. These sensory-friendly performances are designed specifically for individuals with autism spectrum disorders, sensory sensitivities, or other disabilities. Before each Low Sensory performance, SBT hosts a touch tour for patrons who are blind or experience low vision. Low Sensory Performance and Touch Tours are being implemented by theaters and arts organizations throughout the United States in order to increase arts accessibility. SBT is proud to be the first professional arts organization in Savannah to offer this innovative and accessible experience.

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