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Savannah Bank helps out Meals on Wheels
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The Savannah Bank is taking action to help the Meals On Wheels program of Senior Citizens, Inc.

"Due to Federal cuts through Sequestration and the current Federal government shutdown, the organization is facing large cuts to this and other programs that are provided to help older adults age successfully in their homes," a spokesperson says. "Recognizing the devastating impact these cuts will have on the community, The Savannah Bank is donating $2,500 to the meals program."

The Meals on Wheels program provides more than 3,500 home-delivered meals to homebound seniors and an additional 4,500 meals for congregate sites such as neighborhood senior centers each week.

“I am glad we were able to assist in purchasing meals for seniors to help them through this temporary disruption of services,” said Holden Hayes, president, The Savannah Bank. “This is a much needed program that I hope others in the community will step up to support.”

Under sequestration, more than $138,000 has already been cut from the organization’s programs and services this year — a loss of over 18% of federal and state funding over the previous year. Senior Citizens, Inc. executive director Patti Lyons said that almost all of the programs and services of SCI are affected by the federal cuts and government shutdown.

“All of the federal funding we receive goes to serve the highest need — lowest income adult,” explained Lyons. “We have funds to continue service for 45 days but unless an agreement is found in Congress by then, there will be a lot of people who are not going to be fed, cared for and supported. This hurts us all and we are very grateful to The Savannah Bank and others who have come forward with financial support.”