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Savannah City Council passes gun control resolution
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Savannah City Council today unanimously passed a resolution urging the local delegation to the Georgia legislature to take action to reform gun laws, including banning assault weapons, limiting magazine capacity, expanding background checks, and instituting so-called "red flag" laws.

Alderman Van Johnson reiterated that "The City has no standing" to institute gun control on its own, but that "we're going to ask the state to do that and define what that means."

Johnson commended citizens in attendance who pushed for the measure, saying "Any significant social movement, you have to have people who are committed to keeping the issue relevant... and mobilizing supporters to keep their foot on the gas.... this hasn't been about restricting the legal gun rights of gun owners. But I think gun laws should make sense, and make common sense."

Alderman Tony Thomas, who voted in favor, cautioned that such measures were unlikely to have an impact on criminals and how they acquire firearms.

In other business, City Council discussed Friday's groundbreaking for the new Arena — the final design of which hasn't been agreed on.

City Manager Pat Monahan told Council that the new Arena design is "about 70 percent done."

Alderman Julian Miller replied "that's the problem — the groundbreaking is tomorrow and the design is only 70 percent done.... it's been 70 percent done for the past two years."