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Savannah's Fashion Night makes donation to Art Rise; plans for 2015 event still pending
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Savannah’s Fashion Night has announced their donation of $2,500 to Art Rise Savannah "as a part of their collaboration for the 2014 Savannah’s Fashion Night. The announcement comes after the 2014 event wrapped up its most successful year to date, drawing a record breaking amount of participants for the annual event," a spokesperson for SFO says.

Clinton Edminster, executive director of Art Rise Savannah and coordinator of their event on Fashion’s Night stated, "We can't thank the Savannah Fashion Night Committee enough for this incredible donation and for the opportunity to work with some of Savannah's finest designers, models, and photographers. The collaborative potential this city contains is a force to be reckoned with. The relationships we were able to build during the 2014 event will only be compounded in coming years for even greater impact on the community."

Savannah Fashion’s Night is an annual event that takes place along Broughton Street where the majority of the street is shut down for a pedestrian friendly evening. Each year over 30 retailers participate in the one night event of shopping and entertainment.

“We were thrilled to work with Art Rise for this event” said Co-Founders Bree Thomas and Erin Wessling. “Their commitment and dedication to helping, nurturing and showcasing some of Savannah’s finest artists mirrored our own desire to showcase the amazing talent and businesses we have in the city.”

The donation also comes on the announcement that Savannah’s Fashion Night is postponing plans for the 2015 year in order to solicit outside investors in hopes of creating a larger and more supported event. Plans for further Savannah Fashion Night’s will be announced later in 2015.