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Savannah's own little Eye of Sauron

Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police are using this temporary "asset," a 30-foot observation tower, in Ellis Square throughout the St. Patrick’s Day festivities. Here it is earlier before, uh, full erection.


The portable Skywatch Tower is being loaned to the department by Integrated Systems of Alpharetta for test and evaluation.

The tower has been used by used by many 140 law enforcement agencies including New York, Miami and New Orleans to provide additional observation during large events. It will be removed Sunday.

“This gives us just one more opportunity to observe the actions during the celebration as we deal with such a large increase in people in the downtown area,” says Police Chief Willie Lovett.

Hanging out inside the SkyWatch is a pretty cush gig. It's equipped with air conditioning, thermal and day cameras, tinted windows, flood lights, diesel generator, shore power, 98-gallon fuel tank, and electrical outlets.

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