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Snakes in a house: Reptiles removed from residence
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Savannah-Chatham Animal Control Officers on Tuesday removed more than a dozen exotic animals "improperly housed" in a Southside residence.

At 10:26 a.m., officers were dispatched to the 12000 Block of Deerfield Road to "assist with an eviction involving various reptile species." The tenant, Brian Nettles, owns Cold Blooded Adventures, according to police.

Upon entering the home "the officers noticed unconfined and confined reptiles living in unsanitary conditions. Snake shedding, feces and dirt were seen throughout the house."

Several living and deceased reptiles were found in the backyard, including an American Alligator. The alligator was housed in an area accessible to the public. All of the animals lacked appropriate food, water and heat sources.

Georgia Reptile Society and Department of Natural Resources representatives were on scene due to federal laws violated by the presence of endangered and threatened species.

Found were an American alligator, three pythons, two geckos, a monitor lizard, a Red Tail Boa Constrictor, two tortoises, seven turtles, three deceased turtles and a deceased rat.

The seized reptiles were taken into custody by Animal Control. A Georgia Reptile Society representative agreed to foster and seek appropriate medical care for the majority of the animals.

Nettles "admitted to lacking proper permits for housing and harboring some of the animals." He was charged with animal neglect, animal cruelty, not keeping of animals’ sanitation and failure to report dead animals.

Nettles also received a federal citation from DNR for possessing the American Alligator. Two dogs owned by Nettles also were found on the property and released to his care, after he was cited for their lack of current rabies vaccinations and county tags.