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Susan G. Komen raises record donations in October
Cecilia Russo
Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia’s class of 2016 BigWigs in Savannah raised a record amount of donations during its annual fall BigWig Campaign, a spokesperson says.

Ten local leaders raised a total of $46,990, "making it a record year for the creative fundraising effort that asks community VIPs to don pink wigs to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer services in Coastal Georgia," they say.

"This is an impressive accomplishment on its own, but even more noteworthy because of the disruption of Hurricane Matthew," said Aileen Gabbey, Executive Director of the Affiliate. "These community leaders were determined to raise funds and awareness all month, and they succeeded handily."

"The community was incredibly supportive," shared top BigWig fundraiser Cecilia Russo of Cecilia Russo Marketing. "Susan G. Komen Coastal Georgia is serving women in need year-round, and we wanted to spread the message and raise critical funds to continue this work."

Dubbed “BigWigs” by the local Komen Affiliate, these leaders led a six-week campaign to serve as breast cancer advocates, all while raising funds to save lives locally and advance global research initiatives. The original goal for the campaign was to raise $15,000 to fund these programs. The current campaign exceeded this goal by raising over $45,000, making it the most successful BigWig effort to date.

By raising $11,432, Russo was recognized as the Biggest BigWig since the campaign started in 2014. She attributes her successful fundraising efforts to her commitment to fight cancer on all levels. "I learned that Komen Coastal Georgia funds local programs such as critical mammograms and screenings. I wanted to contribute my efforts to help save lives in our community."