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T-Mobile donates $5,000 to Savannah Youth Council
Savannah Mayor Van R. Johnson, II, accepts $5,000 donation from T-Mobile for the Savannah Youth Council
Today, Mayor Van R. Johnson, II, announced and accepted a $5,000 donation from T-Mobile for the Savannah Youth Council (SYC).

SYC plans to use this money to create a program to teach students the importance of building ethical social media skills and web-based campaign tactics.

"These are vital skills for our youth to learn as it becomes increasingly important to engage with customers, businesses and government virtually and online," said Mayor Johnson.

The Savannah Youth Council provides eighth-grade students opportunities to learn about local government, gain a sense of civic responsibility and develop leadership skills.

"Working with the Savannah Youth Council and their kids is a yet another great opportunity for T-Mobile to make a positive impact in this community," said Irene Kieweg, T-Mobile vice president.

"Kudos to SYC for the important work they do to provide students with the skills and government experience they need to become Savannah's future leaders. We're proud to support your efforts!"