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Update: NO all-clear for return; schools closed Mon.-Tue. at minimum
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Bullet points from this morning's CEMA press conference:

Evacuees should NOT come back until all-clear is given which might be days. Exit ramps into Chatham County from major highways are blocked at County line to restrict ANY access back into county except for crews/authorized personnel.

"All residents who left, if you come back it's probably going to be to a house without power or water or sewer service," said Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach. "It's logical for you to stay outside of Chatham County until we say all is clear for you to come back. There will be stops at the county line. Don't make this an issue."

"You might be stuck on the highways for hours or days if you try to come back before we give the all-clear," echoed the County Manager.

No time frame given for return. 

Drivers License is proof of reentry when time comes, despite rumors to contrary.

Storm Surge NOT as bad as expected on Tybee. So far no reports of death/injury on Tybee for those who remained. 

For those still in Chatham you won't be allowed to islands area right now. 

Sav/Chatham Public Schools closed Monday and Tuesday and maybe longer.

Do NOT call 911 for trees down, that is strictly for emergencies. Call 311 for debris concerns.

Curfew is dusk-to-dawn now but County reserves right to extend to daytime. 

Police officers out patrolling along with National Guard to prevent theft, property damage.