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Deep Center releases <i>Savannah: A Tale of Two Cities. Two Stories, One (Educational) Outcome</i>
Deep Center of Savannah has released Savannah: A Tale of Two Cities. Two Stories, One (Educational) Outcome, an anthology centered on the school to prison pipeline. The anthology is curated selection of new solicited writing and artwork from Savannah’s youth, and the best youth pieces from previous program years, and included a contest that awarded three places for the strongest writing. Three poems were chosen out of more than 50 pieces from young people all over Savannah. First place goes to former Block by Block young author Ndey Niang for the poem “No Longer Astronauts.” Second place goes to current Block by Block young author Kimaura Williams for the poem “No Thanks.” Third place goes to former Block by Block young author Elisha Patterson-Murry for the poem “Be Real: Help Me. Help Us.” “Savannah: A Tale of Two Cities, is a compilation of these stories put to paper, an anthology from the experts,” said Ariel Felton, teaching artist and publications manager. “In addition to a call for submission from any Savannah young person interested in Deep programming, we also culled through pieces written in previous program years. In this book, you’ll find poems about feeling excluded in class, and letters to SCPSS asking, “Am I a failure?” There are blackout poems crafted from a Chatham County Youth Bill of Demands, as well as takedowns of standardized testing and juvenile detention policies. Because we trust our young people, these are the stories that inspired Deep Center’s 2020 policy brief.” Savannah: A Tale of Two Cities. Two Stories, One (Educational) Outcome is also the partner publication to Deep Center’s 2020 Policy brief, Building a Restorative Community: Recommendations for City, County, State, School Board, Law Enforcement, and Beyond, ten recommendations for a more just and equitable community.