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Public Health Precautions Encouraged on Halloween
Halloween is full of longstanding traditions like trick-or-treating and haunted houses, but some of those customs can put you at higher risk of getting or spreading COVID-19. Communities are encouraged to think outside of the box when considering Halloween activities this year.

“There are plenty of alternatives that will allow children and adults to enjoy the holiday safely,” said Dr. Lawton Davis, District Health Director for the Coastal Health District. “The key is to plan ahead and come up with ways to celebrate that will lessen the risk of getting COVID-19.”

Some ideas for lower-risk Halloween activities include:

• Plan a movie night and connect with friends online while watching the movie “together.”

• Have a socially distanced costume parade down your street or in your neighborhood.

• Have a Halloween party for those living in your household.

• Coordinate an outdoor, socially distanced Halloween scavenger hunt.

If you make the decision participate in trick-or-treating, consider the following:

• Put individually wrapped goody bags on a table in the front yard so children can grab and go.

• Use duct tape to mark spaces 6 feet apart leading to the table.

• Place a bottle of hand sanitizer on the table.

• Make sure to wash hands before and after handling treats.

Large in-person group gatherings are discouraged. Also, typical costume masks should not be substituted for cloth facemasks that are recommended to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Consider making a Halloween-themed cloth mask part of the costume.