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Remembering Berkow
We take a look back at the 2 years 9 months and 12 days from his 1st day to his resignation.
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11/13/06 - Berkow officially has first day as the Chief of Police for the SCMPD

11/15/06 - Berkow makes his first public appearance at a Wilshire Area Neighborhood Association Meeting. Nearly 100 people show up to ask questions and express concerns.

12/19/06 - A sworn deposition made public by a California court during a lawsuit for alleged sexual discrimination reveals Berkow had an extra-marital affair while serving as the Deputy Chief of the L.A.P.D. Every one is surprised. County officials make a proposal to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to further investigate Berkow's past.

01/03/07 - Doug Rhodes, the VP of MDB International, the company responsible for vetting Berkow before he was hired, appears in front of City Council to discuss why their background check didn't mention any of the information made public during the lawsuit against Berkow, and also failed to mention a lawsuit accusing sexual harassment in South Pasadena, where Berkow also served as Chief of Police. Rhodes says the firm found 8 lawsuits against Berkow, four of which had been dismissed. County officials decide not to have GBI do an additional background check on Berkow.

01/17/07 - Berkow announces a 15% reduction in violent crime during 2006.

04/04/07 - Much to his chagrin, Berkow attends police academy training after the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council denies him exemption.

07/14/07 - Berkow announces plan to improve physical conditioning on the police force.

07/24/07 - Berkow announces partnership with local businesses to create a non-profit police foundation to help raise money for police force without raising taxes.

09/19/07 - Berkow is dropped from the lawsuit against the L.A.P.D. for sexual discrimination.

11/29/07 - Berkow promises to reduce police force vacancies to 30, a two-thirds reduction, by the first of May.

01/01/08 - The crime rate in Savannah holds steady in 2007. City officials remind everyone that crime isn't as bad as it was in 1982.

01/15/08 - Police install a surveillance camera at the intersection of 35th and Waters Ave. after a series of shootings.

01/24/08 - Berkow gets an anonymous phone call that leads to the arrest of a 19-year old homicide suspect at the Greyhound Bus Station.

10/28/08 - Berkow asks for control of the Counter Narcotics Team during a City Council retreat on St. Simon's Island.

11/29/08 - Berkow helps nab a teenage armed robbery suspect after scaling a 10 foot chain link fence to pursue him. He is treated for cuts on his hands.

12/05/08 - Berkow says he needs 100 additional officers over the next 5 years, but makes no request in the 2009 budget for additional officers.

12/18/08 - At a meeting at the JEA, Berkow says he doesn't have the resources he needs to hire more officers.

02/03/09 - Berkow announces at a press conference that there were 2,429 residential burglaries in 2008, up 688 from 2007. Violent crime was down 3% for 2008. Berkow had previously stated his goal was 15%.

04/19/09 - Berkow confirms he travelled to the Cayman Islands as a candidate for the position of Commissioner of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service. He says in a prepared statement, "I remain committed to serving the people of Savannah and Chatham County as Chief of Police."

05/02/09 - Berkow doesn't get the job in the Cayman Islands

08/25/09 - Berkow resigns from SCMPD position to work with Altegrity alongside former LAPD colleague Bill Bratton.