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Cancer Sucks and WTF?!!
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Dear Erin,

Last week a buddy of mine died in his sleep. He's the fifth person to pass in less than two years. It seems like every time I go on Facebook, people are posting RIPs for their friends, their siblings... even their kids. Either that, or they're holding some Cancer Sucks fundraiser for lifesaving treatment they can't afford. All this death has me feeling old as dirt. WTF, man?


I AM so sorry for your losses, WTF?!!

What I have to say might require a leap of faith and is based on the teachings of my own spiritual mentor, Jay Thorpe, who passed away in 2003. If his insights resonate with your belief system, fantastic; if not, please know that I gave you my best, most honest answer to your question.

According to Jay, something called The Golden Ray emerged from the cosmos in the year 2000 and its energies have been affecting our planet ever since. The purpose of The Golden Ray is to clear the Earth of fear, war and greed in order to create a harmonious new planet of peace and love... kind of a Mashable of Heaven and Earth.

To put Jay's teachings in a biblical context, the Second Coming of Jesus is not in the form of an actual human being, but in this Golden Ray energy that Jay also called "Christ Consciousness."

Christ Consciousness has a very high, light vibration and a rapid frequency that's similar to the flapping wings of a humming bird. Earth's energies, by contrast, are very low, slow and heavy, like the wings of a WWII bomber. As human beings, we are well accustomed to Earth's native frequency, so The Golden Ray's emergence has created quite a jolt, in both our physical and spiritual wellbeing.

According to Jay, The Golden Ray's frequency has gotten a little higher and faster with each passing year, kind of like the raising of an octave on a musical scale. As a result of this ongoing change in frequency, human beings are experiencing a shift in spiritual consciousness —both individually and collectively—called Ascension.

The Ascension process can be accompanied by a whole host of physical symptoms. Some of the most commonly reported include: nausea, dizziness and pain; insomnia or waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake for hours; inexplicable rage, tears or emotional sensitivity; excessive —sometimes uncharacteristic—drug and alcohol use; suicidal feelings.

Jay explained that when the Ascension process becomes too physically or emotionally overwhelming, some of us might find death to be the path of least resistance. Michael Jackson, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Robin Williams are three notable, unexpected passings that could possibly be attributed to the Ascension process.

Jay also said that some of us who have more easily endured the Ascension process might cross over to spirit side in order help our friends and loved ones who are having difficulty acclimating to the Earth's new energy. I like to think that Jay falls into this category.

I realize that this a lot of information to take in and it's probably not at all what you expected, but my best, most honest answer is that your friends are passing away either because they want to help others adapt to the arrival of Christ Consciousness, or because they were in too much emotional or physical pain to adapt to it themselves.

Please know that I feel for you, kiddo, and am sending you lots of love and positive thoughts. Be in touch with additional questions anytime. I'm always glad to help.

Your pal,