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Goodbye.... Newman!!
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The Ghost Dog Diaries is a weekly advice column, inspired by the late PJ Cuddlesworth. Three hours after PJ's passing, Erin held an Irish Wake in her honor. That's when her name appeared in her beer. (Misspelled, of course. Ghost Dogs aren't equipped with Autocorrect.) Erin and PJ have been giving psychic readings and helping people connect with their loved ones who have passed ever since.

Got a question about life after death and other phenomena? Give us a shout at Although we don't give psychic readings in this column, you can learn more about private consultations at

Dear Erin,

Can you see scary things in my future, like if I'm sick or going to die?

I sure hope not, but thanks in advance for the heads up!


Hi J.C.,

To paraphrase a Brad Pitt quote from the movie Se7en: "Just because he's got a library card doesn't make him freakin' Yoda." That pretty much sums up my approach to being a psychic medium.

As a practitioner, my goal is to reconnect you with your own inner knowing. What matters most is what you know in your heart, so if I (or anyone) ever tell you something that doesn't feel away!

That said, I also live by two important rules:

Numero Uno: No Psychic Spying. I only use my intuition with people who have given me their permission to help. Even then, I don't have access to their every thought, word and deed. By connecting with their inner knowing, I only receive the information people want to show themselves. And these insights are only ever shared for their best, most loving benefit.

Numero Dos: No Psychic Gossip. Years ago, I encountered a psychic who would drop by my place of business as part of her professional networking routine. After a couple of visits, it became clear that she enjoyed using her abilities to speculate about others in a most unkind way. Bad form and boo :(

Once, when I found myself muttering her name under my breath with a Larry David-like, jaw-clenching contempt, I realized that that people who commit ethical no-no's are the Seinfeld equivalent of Psychic Newmans.

Happily, Psychic Newmans are rare. The world is full of Jerrys. We're all around and glad to help! We don't look for scary things in your future, but on the rare occasion when topics like death and illness do come up, we're here to provide you with loving support and positive insights.

And I promise... even the most clairvoyant among us has no idea what you look like naked.

Your pal,