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College Guide: #FollowFriday (Savannah Edition)
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If the evening news is right, then most of you college kids get your information from an Attention-Deficit-Disorder-inducing social media platform called Twitter. If that's the case, here's a little help getting plugged into Savannah in 140 characters or less.

Arts and Culture

@BwayInSavannah - Stay up to date on productions of Stomp, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

@ConnectSavannah - Shameless self-promo. We will keep you informed about music, theater, art, food, etc.

@LucasTheatre - Info on myriad events at the downtown venue.

@MyTelfair - Three museums, one twitter feed, loads of culture.

@NYisBoring - Upstart bloggers contending that Savannah has more to offer than NYC.

@TimRutherford - Our very own foodie will keep you hip to eateries, wine tastings and epicurean events.

Festivals and Events

@Geekend2010 - The best and brightest techies, designers and other geeks hang out every November.

@IamSuafy - The Savannah Urban Arts Festival = week's worth of music, film, art, dance, poetry and more.

@SavCraftBrew - Celebrating the finer side of fermentation every labor day weekend.

@SavFilmFest - Won't tell you how to get into the afterparty; will tell you what to look forward to at screenings.

@SavMusicFest - No one brings more live music to Savannah; info on events, radio re-broadcasts, etc.

@SavRecordFair - Do you love music pressed onto round pieces of vinyl? This is the event (and twitter feed) for you.

@TEDxCC - The internationally known TED talks made their Savannah-area debut this year.

Local music

@Daredukes - Intelligent indie rocker with literary lyrics and busy tour schedule

@DopeSandwich - The popular hip hop collective hosts nights all over town.

@Carlitobaby - This rapper/producer/DJ/radio host has a rep for good music.

@KidSyc - When he's not teaching elementary school art class, he's rapping

@KZL - The lead singer for GAM and Superhorse is also an awesome DJ.

@LaurenLapointe - The singer/songwriter is a self-proclaimed "nice person" - we can't argue.

@Listen2three - These pop-rockers have grown a devoted following recently.

@SCADradio - They broadcast online rather than the FM dial. Eclectic playlists are a plus.

@TheWiitles - A group making music with Nintendo Wii controllers.

@YourBaroness - Heavy metal kings who still call Savannah home.


@Awolinc & AwolincCEO - Husband & wife team whose non-profit org provides arts edu for youth.

@CHSgeorgia - Runs the Savannah History Museum, Roundhouse Railroad Museum and other sites.

@Creativecoast - Focused on knowledge-based businesses; a good source for news and job opps.

@HandsonSavannah - Want to volunteer in the community? They'll point you in the right direction.

@Pet_Rescue_SAV - The Coastal Pet Rescue finds good homes for wayward pets.

@SavBikeCampaign - You like to ride your bike? They want to fight your right (of way.)

@SMCSavannah - Hosts the local Ignite week and other events; puts the "social" in social media.

@SustainableSAV - Sustainability news and info from around the area.

Public Safety

@CityofSavannah - All the news you can use from city government.

@SavannahFire - Information on hazardous spills, fires, and other disasters.

@SCMPDmedia - The police haven't tweeted much lately, but they do have an account.


@GnatsBaseball & @GnateTheGnat - Best season in decades is just coming to a close; be ready for next Fall.

@SavannahDerby - Girls on roller skates beating the crap out of each other = good times.

@SavannahSports - Everything you need to know about the RocknRoll Marathon, Bridge Run, etc.

TV news





@JLowBirthplace - The house museum is Mecca for Girl Scouts.

@JohnnyMercerSAV - Musings on Savannah's favorite son and legendary songwriter.

@LiveOakPL - The public library system, including event info.

@Paula_Deen - The butter queen muses on food, life, etc.

@RubysJourney - The Style Network star has become an inspiration to many.

@TybeeIslandGa - News from the beach: The sun is shining and people are relaxing.

@VisitSavannah - Recommendations for hotels/activities when yr parents visit.