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Gettin' schooled
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For a town that’s not generally considered a college town, Savannah sure is... well, a college town.

While Savannah’s certainly better known to the world at large for our squares, our history, and for better or worse by celebs like Paula Deen, life here wouldn’t be the same without the students, faculty, and contributions of SCAD, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah State University, Savannah Tech, and the other institutions of higher learning with a presence here.

Each year we pay tribute to them and welcome new students to Savannah with our special College Student Guide.

You’ll notice we don’t call it a “College Guide.” You already know which school you’re going to — you don’t need a guide to the colleges!

Instead, we envision this issue as an introduction to the lifestyle of a Savannah college student, with an emphasis on recreation, extracurriculars, and the quirks and foibles that make this such a special place to spend four (or six, or eight) years as you pursue your education.

First, a note about us and what we do: We publish Connect Savannah every week seeking to provide a single, one-stop source in print and online for complete arts and entertainment information, with a healthy dose of reporting on local issues.

(We aren’t and have never been affiliated at all with the local daily newspaper, the Savannah Morning News, though you might run into people who think we are.)

While technically speaking Connect Savannah is what’s known in the biz as an “alternative newsweekly” — like Atlanta’s Creative Loafing or San Francisco’s Bay Guardian and the like — we take it as a great compliment that many people around town consider us their community newspaper.

And that’s what we do – stay all local all the time, and seek to reflect and improve the community we serve.

In this week’s issue we have contributions from our awesome staff editors, Arts & Entertainment Editor Bill DeYoung and Community Editor Jessica Leigh Lebos. Bill’s contribution to the College Student Guide is an extensive and entertaining look at some bands to watch, for those of you new to the steadily evolving Savannah music scene.

We’re supplementing the piece online with a downloadable playlist of tracks from those bands, curated by Bill and our social media intern (and AASU student) Sinjin Hilaski. We’ll be promoting that through social media all this week. Find us on Facebook and Twitter (@ConnectSavannah).

Jessica contributes a look at Armstrong’s Common Read, a unique SCAD student film, and in her weekly “(Civil) Society Column,” a personal take on the college experience.

We also have some great freelance pieces this week. Augusta Statz, current SCAD student and former editor with SCAD’s student–run newspaper The District, gives a rundown on some lesser–known sports you can pursue outside the usual college structure.

Our own Listings Editor Robin Wright Gunn contributes a piece on local off–the–beaten–path worship opportunities geared to a college–age audience.

We’re especially excited this week to debut in our pages the photos of local style blogger Cedric Smith, who takes a loving look at student street fashion. He blogs at You’re Welcome Savannah ( and you can follow his pics on Instagram at yourewelcomesav.

Our faithful “News Cycle” columnist John Bennett contributes a special piece this week on bicycle-oriented decisions that college students need to make.

And of course there are all the usual weekly features, such as Soundboard, Bill’s music column, Tim Rutherford’s Savannah Foodie column, Matt Brunson’s film reviews, The Blotter, The Straight Dope, and News of the Weird.