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FAQs about St. Patrick's Day
Frequently asked questions regarding Savannah's biggest celebration
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How do I get breaking public safety news during the St. Patrick's Day celebration?

Follow the City of Savannah's Twitter feed at for urgent info.

You guys can just walk around and drink in Savannah? That's awesome.

Yes, "to-go cups" are one of the most civilized and enlightened things about our fair city. Anyone 21 or over can walk around with an open container of the alcoholic beverage of their choice, provided the cup is styrofoam or plastic and not over 16 ounces.

Seriously? Anywhere?

Well, not really. To-go cups are allowed in the "festival area" of Savannah, which for the purposes of St. Patrick's Day is north of Jones Street, east of Boundary Street and MLK Jr. Boulevard, and west of East Broad Street. That includes most all of downtown.

I can stake out a good parade-watching spot on the square a few days before the Parade, right?

No. Parade watchers will be allowed to set up AFTER 6 a.m. March 17. Tents up to 10x10 are allowed, as are tables and coolers. Everything must be taken down by 6 p.m. the same day. No grills or BBQs allowed at any time.

I just found a great parking spot. Can I just take that bag thingie off of the meter and park there?

Sure, if you want your car towed. The bags indicate parking spaces that are off limits due to the parade route. Yes, our Parking Services personnel will remember which meters had bags on them. To retrieve a towed car, you must first get a vehicle release form from Savannah Police HQ at 201 Habersham Street at the intersection with Oglethorpe Streets. Proof of ownership is required.

Who are all the dudes in the green jackets and why are they marching in the parade?

Those are members of the various local Irish societies, such as the Hibernians and Sinn Fein, along with their family members. They haven't always marched in the parade -- the tradition was revived in the 1980s after a long hiatus.

Is River Street totally accessible to the public? How do they card people?

River Street will not have gated entrances this year, as has been done in years past, so yes, it's totally accessible. However, to drink alcohol outside or in River Street businesses you must have an approved wristband indicating you're 21 or over. Each wristband costs $5 and they're sold at kiosks and at businesses.

Is it a good idea to bring small children to River Street after the Parade?

Not really, but they're certainly allowed. After sundown the vibe on River Street is very clearly geared toward adults. Trust us on this.

D'oh! I lost my kid. What do I do?

Lost children will be taken to Savannah/Chatham Metro Police Headquarters at 201 Habersham Street.

Dude, my beer-drinking Frisbee dog is so going to love partying with us on River Street.

Maybe so, but no dogs, regardless of how cute, are allowed on River Street during the St. Patrick's celebration March 16-17.

Wow, I drank a lot of green beer in to-go cups and now I really have to pee. Where can I go?

Our city tax dollars have provided over 350 portable toilets along the parade route and River Street. You're welcome!

No worries, I'll just whip it out right here on the sidewalk.

No. Don't. We live on these streets. Our police are extraordinarily sensitive to public urination and arrest dozens of people every year for this offense. Anyone charged with a felony or misdemeanor will be processed on scene and transported to the Chatham County Detention Center, 1050 Carl Griffin Drive, off Chatham Parkway. The detention center can be reached at (912) 652–7700. Just use the portable toilets that our tax dollars paid for, thank you very much.

I do a little MMA, I've had a few drinks, I'm feelin' pretty good, and now I wanna take on a couple of local cops. Piece of cake, right?

Every year at this time, young guys come into town, get drunk and want to square off with our local police. Let's put it this way: If you blink, you'll miss the fight. See info above on where the Detention Center is so somebody can come bail your dumb ass out of jail.

Can I call it "St. Patty's Day?"

We'd really rather you not. Patty is a girl's name. If you must do so, at least call it "St. Paddy's Day" since that's how they might say it in Ireland.

How about "St. Pat's?"