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If you drive
We don’t recommend driving downtown on parade day. But here are some tips if you do

PARKING anywhere near downtown on St. Patrick’s Day in Savannah requires the luck of the Irish. Some years you get lucky, most years you don’t.

Fortunately there are several options for those opting to drive close to the festival area.

NO parking meter enforcement will take place Saturday of this week, as a nod to the parade that day. So you’ve got that going for you.

All parking hours and rates WILL be enforced on Friday, March 15.

City of Savannah Parking Garages, March 15-March 16

The City of Savannah runs several large and modern garages for your convenience. Special event pricing of $20 per day will apply.

City officials caution that if you do park in a garage for St. Patrick’s Day, there might be a substantial wait to get out after the parade until traffic is cleared and all normal routes are restored.

The Mobility and Parking Services Department is offering pre-sale parking spaces for Saturday, March 16 for $20 at the following locations:

Visitor’s Center Parking Lot, 301 Martin Luther King Jr.

Bryan Street Garage, 100 East Bryant Street

Liberty Street Garage, 301 West Liberty Street

Robinson Garage, 132 Montgomery Street

State Street Garage, 100 East State Street

Whitaker Street Garage, 7 Whitaker Street

Curtis B. Cooper Parking Lot, 122 Barr Street

Pre-sale spaces, if still available, are sold at the Bryan Street Parking Garage, at 100 E. Bryan Street. For more information, call 912-651-6477.

Vehicles parking before 6 a.m. must purchase a pass. Vehicles not displaying a pass will be cited. RV and Motor Coach parking is permitted and limited during the festival. If any vehicle leaves during the festival, the parking space is not guaranteed.

Parking on Hutchinson Island

Paid parking is available across the Savannah River on Hutchinson Island at the Savannah Convention Center, with downtown accessible via the FREE Water Belles Ferry system.

Parking for St. Patrick’s Day events will be available at the Savannah Convention Center the following days:

Friday-Sunday, March 15-17, $20 per day

Free Water Ferry will run from 7:00 am – 12:20am all days. Friday and Saturday, only the Waving Girl Landing is in operation. On Sunday March 17 the City Hall Landing will also be operating.

NOTE: Vehicles can be left overnight only on these dates.

On-street Parking

Towing along the parade route and staging area will begin at 6 a.m. March 16, and they mean business.

If you see a bag over a meter saying you can’t park there because of the parade, that means... don’t park there. You’ll definitely get towed.

Regular parking meter hours and rates WILL be enforced Friday March 15, 8 a.m.-8 p.m. But parking meters will NOT be enforced Saturday, parade day.

All other parking violations, like blocking a fire hydrant, etc., will be enforced as usual, all days.

Do NOT park in our bike lanes – they are for bikes. You will be ticketed.

Private Lots

Some church lots and other privately owned lots charge for parking on St. Patrick’s Day. While these are almost always legit, use at your own discretion, and lock your car and secure all your valuables.