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Savannah Music Festival: Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires
Thursday, March 21 @Trustees

"If you look into James Brown, look into Otis Redding, look into Sam Cooke, and you look into me, we're all in that same aura," R&B singer Bradley told Connect in November. "That's where I'm at. And I never know how deep my depths can go, but I know I'm seeking my depths more deeper and deeper to find deeper love, deeper who I am, and deeper understanding of life and humanity."

Florida-born Bradley survived a tough early life to become an incredibly popular entertainer. For a long time, he and his band traveled as a James Brown tribute act (Bradley was known as Black Velvet).

Daptone Records snapped him up and convinced him to focus on original music, and that's when Black Velvet became "The Screaming Eagle of Soul." His second album, Victim of Love, drops the first week of April — and Bradley's in hot demand as the singing, shouting, sweating, dancing, electrifying soul man to beat.