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Spotlight: Daniel Hope & L'Arte Del Mondo

Anyone with even a passing familiarity with the Savannah Music Festival is aware of the phenomenal contribution each year of Associate Artistic Director Daniel Hope. The virtuoso British violinist generally also performs in the festival as well as curating the classical component.

Hope is exceptionally busy onstage this year, playing nearly a dozen separate concerts with a wide variety of guest musicians. Three of those concerts are with the celebrated, yet comparatively young, German chamber orchestra L’Arte Del Mondo , making their North American debut in none other than Savannah, Georgia.

L’Arte Del Mondo, formed out of the longstanding Concerto KÖln, has taken the European classical world by storm not only with their infectious, adventurous energy but with their consummate musicianship, often performed on period–authentic instrumentation.

This is Hope himself, on L’Arte founder and director Werner Erhardt:

“When I was approached by him to play on gut strings and on a baroque instrument for the first time, it felt like diving into very hot water,” Hope recalls. “Werner welcomed me as a ‘modern’ violinist with open arms and soon I became fascinated by his vision and intensity.”

This year Hope brings his sensitive touch to the stage with L’Arte, and together they will perform a remarkable array of music from the well–known to the relatively obscure. Baroque aficionados will be treated to Bach, Vivaldi, and the underrated Telemann. Those of a more Romantic bent will enjoy the liberal sprinkling of Mozart pieces. The final performance April 6 even features a piece composed by Frederick the Great, King of Prussia, a monarch with unusual, and impressive, musical gifts.

Those who’ve been to chamber performances in the stunning interior of the Telfair Academy will perhaps also be intrigued by the sheer number of performers that will be playing in the space. Usually accustomed to quartets during SMF performances, in these Hope/L’Arte collaborations the cozy Academy space will host over a dozen performers! (The final, daytime performance is at the Morris Center.)

April 4, 6 p.m. Telfair Academy: Mozart, Telemann, Bach, Vivaldi

April 5, 6 p.m. Telfair Academy: Vivaldi, Telemann, Durante, Bach

April 6, 11 a.m., Morris Center: Mozart, Bach, Frederick the Great