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Who’s running where?
Candidates in the area’s four main cities
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For Mayor:

Eddie DeLoach, incumbent

Van Johnson

Regina Thomas

Louis Wilson

Alderman at Large, Post One:

Carolyn Bell, incumbent

Kesha Gibson-Carter

Alderman at Large, Post Two:

Alicia Miller-Blakely

Tony Center

Alderman, First District:

Bernetta Bryant Lanier

Peter Vincent Pannizzo

Alderman, Second District:

Bill Durrence, incumbent

Detric Leggett

Alderman, Third District

John Hall, incumbent

Linda Wilder-Bryan

Alderman, District 4

Nick Palumbo (unopposed)

Alderman, District 5

Estella Shabazz (unopposed)

Alderman, District 6

Tony Thomas, incumbent

Antonio Hunter

Kurtis Purtee


For Mayor:

Wanda Doyle

Mack Kitchens

Shirley Sessions

For Tybee Council (4-year terms)

John Bremer

Larry Brown, incumbent

Jay Burke III

Nancy DeVetter

Fidelia Fowler

Sean Joyce

David McNaughton

Brian West

For Tybee Council (2-year terms)

Jack Boylston

Michael “Spec” Hosti

Mary McLemore

Martin Rowe


For Mayor:

Rebecca C Benton                         

Adam Bridges                                  

Steve Larson                       


For Council:

Bruce Allen, Incumbent                 

Shannon Black, Incumbent            

Aaron C. Higgins                            

Tom Hutcherson                             

Falgun “Pappu” Patel                     

Michael D Royal, Incumbent        

Stevie Wall, Incumbent                  

John M. Wilcher                              

Karen L. Williams                            

Richmond Hill:

Post 2 Candidates:

David T. London

Robbie Ward

Post 3 Candidates: Bill Donahue

Mark Ott

Post 4 Candidates:

Les Fussell

Steve Scholar

Chakiris “Chuck” Moss