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Best Celeb Sighting
Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

How could it be otherwise? Perhaps today’s single most bankable global movie star spent weeks in town filming the Baywatch reboot, which if the planet-wide success of the ‘90s TV series is any indication, might conceivably end up being the highest-grossing film ever made. Right here on Tybee!

Along the way he continued his genius-level mastery of Instagram, posting all kinds of heart-stirring tributes to local just-folks who he is aw-shucks so happy to get to know, even if just for an hour between shoots —which according to him, are always getting delayed because he “calls an audible” to go talk to some kids or seniors or kiss some puppies. (His producers must tear their hair out!)

If The Rock ever runs for president, he’ll get 90 percent of the vote and will no doubt be sworn in while wearing a tank top, loose workout pants and flip-flops. Hey, he’s got like ten votes just in the little Connect office alone, and we generally vote several times each.—Jim Morekis

Runner-up: Adam Sandler