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Best of Savannah 2011: Media
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Best Local TV News Anchor

Sonny Dixon, WTOC

The former politician-turned anchorman has won two years in row. From the St. Patrick's Day Parade to the Rattlesnake Round-up, if there's a big event in Southeast Georgia, Sonny is there.

Runner-up: Jesse Blanco, WJCL

Best Local TV Sports Anchor

Frank "The Big Guy" Sulkowski, WJCL

His third win in the category, Frank covers local sports with an honest enthusiasm that is unrivaled. His appearance in last year's Dancing with Savannah's Stars might have given him the advantage.

Runner-up: Rick Snow, WTOC

Best Local Meteorologist

Pat Prokop, WTOC

Looks like someone's weekend forecast just got a little brighter. In a repeat of last year's results, the preeminent prognosticator Prokop edges out Posman yet again for the title.

Runner-up: Kris Posman, WSAV

Best Local Newspaper Columnist

Bill Dawers

As true a "Man About Town" as there is in Savannah, Dawers keeps his ears open to "City Talk," covering everything from the bustling cultural calendar to macro-economics.

Runner-up: Jane Fishman

Best Local Blogger

Jessica Lebos, "Yo, Yenta"

Lebos' running commentary on life as an outside-the-box, Jewish mom with a penchant for the TV show Glee just celebrated its 7th anniversary, which is a thousand years in internet time, or 49 years for dogs. She captures the title for the second year in a row.

Runner-up: Bill Dawers

Best Local Website

Ouch. We'd won this award for the last two years (much to our surprise), and this year we lost by one vote. Seriously. One vote. Let this be a sign of our honesty and dedication to the higher pursuit of truth.
Runner-up: Connect Savannah

Best Local Facebook Page

Lovin' Spoons

Rather than beat its followers up with constant reminders to eat frozen yogurt, the Lovin' Spoons facebook page posts youtube videos thematically related to discount codes, photos of patrons and, putting the social in social media, takes feedback from customers. Bravo.

Runner-up: Gigi's Cupcakes

Best Local Twitter Feed


You can't say Savannah on twitter without getting a message from @VisitSavannah. From restaurant recommendations to plugs for cultural events, they've doing it all in 140 characters or less.

Runner-up: @TybeeRockHouse

Best Local Radio Station

WAEV 97.3 FM

This Top 40 station gives listeners their daily dose of pop hits from Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry along with favorite local personalities like T.Lovely.

Runner-up: WRHQ 105.3

Best Local Radio Personality

Kotter, Rock 106.1

It hasn't taken long for Rock 106.1 FM's evening jock Kotter to endear himself to Savannah's fans of hard rock radio. In March, he celebrated his two year anniversary in Savannah (after moving here from Illinois to take a job with the radio station), and the secret of his success is not taking himself, or the job too seriously.

"Ever since I got down here, it's been about what can we do to have fun," says Kotter, aka Gabe Reynolds. "We decided, no shame, if we've got to wax our backs on the air, if we've gotta be stupid and make goofy videos for the website, we'll do whatever. It's about entertainment."

For Kotter, whose been in the radio business for 16 years now, he's one of the fortunate folks in this world who are doingexactly what they want and managing to get paid for it too.

"It's what I've always wanted to do since high school," he explains about his passion for radio. "I had no talent to actually make music, but I could press play on a CD player. I went to school, got an internship, dropped out of school, and have stuck with it ever since."

In an age of media consolidation, syndication and computerization, Kotter is optimistic about radio's future - despite the encroachment of podcasts and streaming audio - because there are still local personalities that make radio more personable.

"Radio is always gonna be here," he explains. "People like to tune in, they like to know what's going on locally, and that we're here in Savannah. We'll be out at a bar and have a beer with you." -- Patrick Rodgers

Runner-up: T.Lovely - 97.3 FM

Best Talk Radio Station

WTKS 1290

The local broadcast home for Bill Edwards, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh and others dishes up a steady stream of right wing-centric banter.

Runner-up: WSVH 91.1

Best Local TV Commercial

Mike Hostilo rapping

This classic has raised the bar for local advertising. "Been in an auto accident, or simply a mere wreck? Do what's right and call Mike, and get your settlement check. Mike fights for the people, and this is what's true, if you can't come to Mike, Mike will come to you."

Runner-up: O.C. Welch

Best Local YouTube Video

St. Patrick's Day police beating

The now-infamous Youtube video (which debuted shot sideways until someone corrected it) spread like wildfire the Monday after St. Patrick's Day weekend came to a close. It prompted an internal investigation into the officer who was shown using pepper spray and a nightstick on a pair who'd been involved in a fight, concluding with an epic takedown/face plant combo of a young woman involved.

As we write this, the news hit that the officer, Cpl. Aaron McKie, has now been allowed back on the job in a limited capacity pending release of the internal affairs probe results.

Runner-up: Mike Hostilo raps