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Best Local Investigative Reporter
Don Logana, WTOC
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We’re excited to introduce this new category this year, and there’s no more deserving inaugural winner than Don. Best known for spearheading the uber-popular feature “WTOC Asked and Answered,” that platform has resulted not only in a higher profile for Logana himself, but in increased investigative reporting throughout the station.

“There might have been a time when investigative reporting was on the back burner to follow breaking news,” he muses. “But the station is totally behind it now.”

A lot of Logana’s impact is due to his robust social media presence. “Viewers today are so interactive and so ready. It’s to the minute and they’re ready to go,” he says. “They’re more free to do be interactive on social media that’s on the tip of their fingers rather than an email or phone call like the old days.”

The Syracuse, N.Y., nativesays Savannah does offer some unique quirks that make reporting here pretty unique. “Syracuse is a bit bigger and the demographics are different. But Savannah politicians definitely give us a lot of interesting material!”

Runner-up: Dave Kartunen