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Best Local TV News Anchor

Sonny Dixon, WTOC

This former politician is never far away from his folksy roots.

Editors’ Pick: Paul Rea, WSAV

Best Local TV Sports Anchor

Rick Snow, WTOC

His sunny personality and credible demeanor makes you want to stay up late to watch private school hoops highlights. Quite a feat.

Editors’ Pick: Rick Snow

Best Local TV Meteorologist

Pat Prokop, WTOC

Insouciantly stares down approaching high-pressure fronts just like Val Kilmer stared down that dude he shot in that awesome scene at the end of Tombstone.

Editors’ Pick: Pat Prokop

Hottest Local TV Personality

Paula Deen

We were kinda pushing the babe-a-licious thing with this category, as opposed to sheer popularity. But hey, Paula’s a babe too, so it’s all good.

Editors’ Pick: WJCL’s Jennifer Beale

Best Local Columnist

Jane Fishman

Formerly with the Morning News, Fishman has graced the pages of Connect Savannah for several years now.

Editors’ Pick: The one that works for the least money

Best Local Blogger

Jim Morekis

Savannah “Blogfather” and Connect Savannah editor blogs at with a focus on politics and local weirdness.

Editors’ Pick: Betsy Yates at

Best Local Website

Savannah Morning News website is overhauled and now out of beta.

Editors’ Pick:

Best Local Radio Station

97.3 KISS FM

This Top 40 station, a Clear Channel property, wrests a close win from perennial winner Q105.3 FM.

Editors’ Pick: FM 91.1 Public Radio, except when the fund drives are on

Best Local Radio Personalities

Dixon & Dooley, Kix 96

Jim & Dutch bring the continuous country favorites at this Cumulus station.

Editors’ Pick: Orlando Montoya, FM 91

Best Talk Radio Station

WTKS 1290 AM

Home of Bill Edwards, Rush Limbaugh and Neil Boortz. Tune to the right of your AM dial -- get it?

Editors’ Pick: ESPN Sports Talk 1130 AM

Best Local TV Commercial

O.C. Welch

As detailed in the latest True Hollywood Stories on E!, young Chip Welch has matured from the spritely child-star of those classic spots from the acknowledged Golden Era of O.C. Welch Commercials, that magical time in broadcasting still mentioned in hushed tones alongside the accomplishments of Lucille Ball and Johnny Carson. But through the trials and tribulations of stardom, Chip still retains the poignant yet hopeful, almost Shakespearean gravitas as he delivers that immortal final line echoing through the ages -- a simple three-word mantra striding Western civilization’s cultural and political zeitgeist like a veritable colossus: “God Bless America.”

Editors’ Pick: “Crossing Over,” by SCAD students Laura Kessler and Irene Jeanotte for the Chevy Super Bowl ad challenge