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Best Local Concert
Savannah Stopover (Deerhunter)
The Stopover crew

When Savannah Stopover announced their 2019 lineup, the most talked-about artist on the list was Deerhunter. The groundbreaking indie rock band was actually a dream for Stopover’s Kayne Lanahan and her team.

“The process started in 2013,” Lanahan says with a laugh. “Being a band from Atlanta that had never played this market, and being such a big band, they were just on our radar. And all of us our fans of the band. Because they had a record out this year that coincided with Stopover, this was the year where all the stars aligned.”

Deerhunter’s headlining set at the festival might go down as an all-time Stopover highlight, and was certainly one of the most buzzed-about of the weekend. For the team at Stopover, it was a memorable day for many reasons.

“There’s a funny story before the show,” Lanahan says. “We got a last minute rider before the show that had a puppy clause in it. Bradford Cox had been on the road for months, and we were the last date of the tour. He was missing his dog and was requesting his dog. I just happened to have a six-month-old puppy, so we made it happen.”

The show itself was loud and intense, just as Deerhunter shows are known to be.

“For me, hearing some of the older songs mixed with the songs from the new album, was a little surreal because I’m such a fan. And anyone who’s seen them knows they’re a loud band. You actually feel that music,” Lanahan adds.

“I know some people wanted to get a little bit further away, but [the venue] was designed so that you feel that music from the heels of your feet all the way up. And it was packed, so it was just this organic pulsing of the crowd and the band. It was just terrific.” – Sean Kelly

Runner-up: Picnic in the Park