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Best Singer/songwriter <br />Best All-Around Musician
AJ Jeanty
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AJ Jeanty is a great singer and songwriter, known for his work in the band Drive TFC. He says he’s currently hard at work recording remotely with his group, including among other things a full-length album’s worth of songs.

“I have had a blast getting to know many musicians around Savannah, and I am honored even to have been considered for this award,” he tells Connect of his dual wins.

In addition to working in his band, Jeanty also focuses on teaching music—something he’s very passionate about.

“Musically speaking, I have been teaching a good amount recently; since I began teaching guitar and piano lessons a couple years ago (LifeMuse Guitar Lessons), it has really made me reflect on what makes a striking composition or arrangement. My students challenge me and help me to expand my comfort zones and how I think about music,” he says.

Runner-up: Jason Bible